Applications markets

To convert heat into electricity, HEVATECH offers an innovative and economically competitive solution with its proprietary process TURBOSOL, currently with a power range of 30 to 100 kWe, soon to be increased to 1000 kWe.

HEVATECH targets waste incineration and biomass markets, industry and large generators. It focuses on Europe and countries with high electricity prices.

In 2020, the European market for waste heat recovery technologies in the same power range will represent over € 5 billion.

Waste incinerators

The European waste incineration market is growing (138 million tonnes in 2012, up to 169 million by 2023 according to Eurostat). One of the ways to recover energy involves producing electricity, which is likely to represent 84% of market shares in 2023.

Biomass incinerators and cogeneration

The potential market for heat recovery technologies covers Europe and the French overseas territories for the biomass market, and only Europe for cogeneration. New installations and replacements have been considered in these two segments.

The total reachable biomass market should grow from 1.3 GW in 2010 to 2.8 GW in 2023, with cogeneration moving from 2.9 GW in 2010 to 8.8 GW in 2023.


In Europe, waste heat from industry is set to rise from 3 GW in 2015 to over 3.9 GW in 2023. This only concerns industrial applications under 5 MW. These heat sources represented around 2.5 % of resources in 2005 and could reach 7% by 2023.

This recoverable energy proportion in industries having burning processes (furnaces, dryers, power stroke…) is estimated to 785 MWe. Sectors of raw material transformation are especially concerned, such as glass and ceramic factory, foundry and boilermaking, or cement factory.

Generators and engines

The generator market includes diesel generators (most of the equipment in Europe), generators operating with gas/natural gas and other fuels (heavy fuels, biofuels and mixed). HEVATECH only targets equipment operating continuously with a power range of under 5 MW, which represented 5.5 GW of installed capacity in 2012 and should reach 10.8 GW in 2023 in Europe alone.