Technologie heat converter

Innovative heat converter

TURBOSOL technology is based on a combination of 3 concepts :

  • Waste heat is captured by two fluids: a heat-transfer fluid (oil) and a thermodynamic fluid (water/steam).
  • A two-phase accelerator triggers a strong acceleration of the mix during a quasi-isothermal expansion.
  • A Pelton-type impulse turbine is employed, renowned for its robustness and high performance.



Economically competitive

Its easy use and robustness give TURBOSOL technology a distinct economic advantage over its competitors:

  • A 4-year return on investment, twice as fast as directly competing ORC solutions.
  • The turnkey target cost for TURBOSOL technology comes to €k 3-3.5 per kWe installed depending on the conditions (exchangers, power, environment, cold source, etc.) for mass production from 2020.

Multiple advantages!

  • A simple, robust, quiet machine that is easy to install and operate (small size, low rotation speed of 1,500 turns/min.)
  • Very low-pressure operation (1-bar turbine, 10-bar circuits)
  • “Free” heat recovery in a broad temperature range (from smoke temperature > 300 °C, up to 100°C)
  • Security, respect for the environment (no pressure, no organic fluid)
  • Modular (several jets on the same turbine) and standardized
  • Potential thermal discharge of up to 100 °C, making it possible to implement the technology in a “hot context” or recovery for associated hot or cold production.
  • No change to the facilities’ environmental classification (ICPE) (confirmed by the Regional Department of Environment, Planning and Housing)


Our documentation

TURBOSOL: Innovative heat-to-power conversion technology