Test facilities and technological methods

Hevatech disposes of a low power TURBOSOL machine in its workshop at Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux (26 – France). This prototype is used as a test bench for new components qualification, such as the injectors, and other process improvements. The size of such equipment is representative of a module of up to 100 kW.


The TURBOSOL device is representative of a “customer’s machine” as it is built with all the characteristic features and operates according to conditions that might be degraded in comparison to the nominal point. 

Injecteur en place - FOCUS


The major constraint encountered in operating the system under real conditions was the absence of a recoverable heat deposit around the site. Such arrangements had to be artificially recreated. In our new workshop we have acquired larger gas burners and a steam generator to recover almost 500 kWth at over 200°C.  

Henceforth, Hevatech is also equipped with flow, turbulence and heat transfer simulation and modelling software “Ansys Fluent”. These activities actually led by external experts and academic partners will be complemented with internal studies carried out by a young recruit.

Turbine jets simulation jets (1)