Environmental challenge

According to the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy control), industrial sector consumes about 22% of the country’s energy, after housing and mobility sector.

In industries using thermal processes, such as kiln or fuel stove, energy losses are huge: For 100% of consumed fuel, 25 to 60% of thermal energy is waste to fumes whereas only 20 to 40% actually serves the process. Despite efforts from industrials and constructors, only a few solutions to increase efficiency of such processes exists and then to reduce use of energy. However, 60 to 80% of this waste heat is potentially recoverable.

TURBOSOL product induces no change to the industrial tool, then its inherent consumption and carbon balance stand the same. However by producing electricity with no emission, portion of CO2 avoided elsewhere is calculable.

For a 200-kWe TURBOSOL, running 7 000 hours per year and having 15 years of lifetime, the saving in Europe is of:

8 757 tons of CO2 avoided per system !

Calculations can be refined with the "marginal method"*, then saving in Europe is of:

16 000 tons of CO2 avoided per system !



* For further information (french documentation):

Waste heat [2017], ADEME (FR)

Detail of calcultaions - Emissions TURBOSOL (FR)

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